• Here, I want to talk to you about brightness. In any case, everyone has a different view, so we will not enter the public view like running. You know that metal highlights and other complete LED growth lights will light up, no matter what, They recommend that the distance between these fluorescent lights be 18 to 24 inches from the top, so does your plant still need to consider the growth of the plant?

    Can I see it? This is just my opinion, so when you put it at a higher height, obviously, it will extend its lifespan, so you will get a tricky plant because everyone knows that when it blooms, popcorn buds are everywhere. The place where it blooms, so your pitch will be far away, and you will not be able to remember the shape of the buds to remember. When you set the light height, if you only try to hit the broken object, it will definitely not be Overspeed. Yes, In any case, pressure or doubt will prepare it to bloom.

    Throw there just don't expect your output to be so good, so I also ran me, ran 18 inches, and ran a lot. I did improve it a bit, I watched the growth of marijuana, every night I check them at night, sometimes even more, but what I want to leave my factory is if you can see everything there is not so Closely and tightly together, but well combined, so when it forms this form, you can already see that it has just formed a big butt. This is how I tried to process the plant to ensure flowering. At the time, my blood is formed very well, so considering a height of 18 to 24 inches from the top of the plant, this is normal. Most people still recommend that you know the distance of light, so if you have any questions, I hope it will help you.

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  • Les effets des paramètres d'efficacité générale des PCB

    Les paramètres d'efficacité des PCB sont soigneusement associés au processus de production des PCB ainsi qu'aux exigences de conception et de style des concepteurs de PCB. Parmi les nombreux paramètres des PCB, l'effet principal sur la méthode de placement est constitué par ses paramètres géométriques, tels que la planéité de l'ensemble du PCB, les tolérances d'ouverture du PCB, la méthode de traitement du sol de votre PCB et d'autres facteurs d'impact, qui peuvent être mentionnés ci-dessous.

    wooden cutlery manufacturer

    1. Planéité

    Selon les caractéristiques de votre PCB ainsi que la méthode de production, nous savons qu'il est collé et serti couche par couche, le cours d'action de fabrication aura la tension, ainsi que la couche de pad avec le centre dans la couche d'isolation électrique de différents produits et l'épaisseur, donc le coefficient de dilatation thermique est en outre unique, et donc tandis que dans l'emballage et le cours d'action de transport, le PCB peut bien être déformation plastique de flexion (Bow) ou de torsion (Twist), le diplôme de la déformation plastique impliqués avec toute l'épaisseur et l'espace sur le PCB et sa structure de couche de carte est symétrique.

    La valeur admissible de la durée du circuit imprimé est de 0,75 %, c'est-à-dire (L ?á 0,75 %) mm, mais la valeur maximale ne peut pas dépasser trois cent soixante-quinze mm.

    Si la planéité dépasse la plage admissible, la forme du point de référence dans la caméra s'améliorera, par exemple, un point de référence rond normal deviendra elliptique dans la caméra numérique, ce qui peut entraîner une modification de la lecture de la longueur moyenne entre les facteurs de référence, ce qui peut affecter l'emplacement des patins de l'ingrédient sur le PCB en ce qui concerne les détails de référence, et peut donc déclencher instantanément le détachement de l'ingrédient. En outre, en raison du gauchissement avec le PCB conduira à des parties à l'intérieur de la méthode d'urgence vers le bas par rapport à la pâte à souder à la garniture de glisser, ou le fond de la partie pâte à souder pressé absent, d'où la formation d'une perle ou direct à des facteurs adjacents pont circuit rapide.

    2?¢L'impact de la tolérance de production

    Les tolérances de production du PCB auront même un effet sur l'excellent placement, principalement à l'intérieur du diplôme de contour du point de référence (Fiducial) et de l'écart de degré de placement, comme pour le PCB sur d'autres erreurs, ces types de comme en excès de trou produisant des tolérances auront immédiatement un effet sur est la soudure juste après l'efficacité électrique, mais cela n'appartient pas vers l'affect à la colleuse.

    3?¢Méthode de traitement de la surface

    La méthode de traitement de surface pour cet impact de placement, incarne surtout dans dans l'étape de référence (Fiducial) l'élément de protection, il peut influencer surtout pourrait être le processus d'impression visuelle peut être précis, l'étape de référence de reconnaissance rapide. Le principe de base essentiel est que la couche de réserve de soudure ne peut pas dépasser la position de référence et la région de résolution auxiliaire qui la borde.

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  • Thought people have been asking me that we can show us information about the lamp you are growing, what else is not the best, what is the best use and what, so I will try to do this now, I just To show you which one I use, and others, so I am using VANQ T8, which basically refers to those tubes that are only thin fluorescent tubes, and I have one. There is a remote control lamp on the 4-foot-long tube. You can make them in various sizes. You can use 8 test tubes to set their length to 4 feet, and mine is longer than 2 feet. There are also remote control tubes, as you can see, it heats me and the tube above, but they don’t burn anything. You can place the plug as close to the top as possible to really show that if there is no heat and all energy is ignited, then there is only a 524 watt light bulb, so only 96 watts. I think this is 448 hours. How efficient is it? Tile pipe, so it is 200 watts. Considering how much you can grow under them, I will say that this is T8, and I will give you an idea. I have a light meter, I take it outside to show you something.

    Try to do it. This is a place that let me put the luminometer 6 inches below the luminometer, you can put the top of the bulb in it, you are actually reading a book, or reading there 20,000 or 20,000, put 6 at the bottom The inch can read about 111,000 lenses, which may be better. Let CERN sit there 26,000 inches and then lower it a little bit, so I take it outside and I will show you the kind of light you want to take outside, so I am in the greenhouse. This is a gloomy winter, because there is not much sunlight there, so this time I just want to tell you, what is the intensity of the light? Here, you like me to point it to the sky. It is 35 times 100, so it has about three thousand five hundred lumens, so you can see that it is four times as large in the sun and hot, and it can reach 89,000 in the sun and in the summer sun. I can say that in winter, you will get three thousand at this time, so I want three thousand. Therefore, it is not very good compared to indoors, so you can see it from outside, there are only more than 3,000 outside. I have about 22,000 here, which is about 7 or 8 times the brightness, so if you see it at the bottom, they will only get 10,000 appearances-the lettuce there grows perfectly, like I said, They are indeed doing something. Because they don’t emit too much heat, they emit a lot of light, so you can place plants near the bulb. Now, another thing you need to consider is that you need to reflect as much light as possible to return To the work you have done If you really don’t want to waste anything on the plant, I put a white poster there to reflect a little, and then on the wall, I forgot this thing.

    Diamond embossed polyester film is a professional film, you can use other things, obviously not, it is recommended not to use tin foil, because tin foil may cause hot spots, because tin foil cannot reflect other things correctly, obviously, we can’t do it To this point. For polyester film, just use a flat latex white cushion. Like I said, the blunt pen is just a flat emulsion. If I draw a tent in white latex and tap the light on the wall, or if I can think of one of the barbecue temperatures, then these hydroponic fluffy tents are like not saying I don’t shine, but touching your wall . All weeders use their ideal material, because they are actually covered by polyester film, so you will also make the most of all the light, so just like the T8 I said, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are perfect for five feet each One foot in a small room, you will grow up in an area of about four feet to two feet, so you only need to buy shoes that fit your size, and now show you another shoe to get a replacement product once used One made by myself, one by someone looking at it, actually I just knocked it, so I used to put some chili, pepper and tomatoes on the windowsill. It's too small, you can watch it again, so you can grab all the unread bulbs, they are only 30 watts, while the compact fluorescent bulb is only 30 watts, it can emit about 150 watts of light. You can do it, we look like it is about 60,000 inches, so actually T8 lamps are not expensive, these bulbs are only about 4 pounds, you should put them in a small hangar, they are perfect for all peppers and tomatoes On the windowsill. Obviously, a cover is placed on the back cover to reflect the light back, but as I said, there is now a modern way to change the cat. This is what I used in the past. Probabilistic method You can’t say this before T8, just like giant compact fluorescent lamps, their power is about 150 watts, and the power will rise to 200 watts. The problem is that each of these bulbs is about 25 Ude, and they don't actually pop out.


    The test tube I used in T8 has only changed a little. They can be replaced as long as they enter the door. These tubes are expensive, and they are also very expensive. The weather is very hot, so you can't put plants next to them, because in your small area, you have a reflective protective cover that can reflect the plants. I found that they don’t provide enough area like T8tube, but I mean, if you can’t get any other benefits, then they are as good as anything else, and the other thing without a charging stick is LED, which actually It's just a fan that can be inserted into a single blind. You can't say that it is absolutely blinding. It is 18 watts. I tested this and it has appeared about 15,000 times. I turned it around because it made me invisible, only eight cents, we saw its size, it heats up any heat, because it is so effective, all the energy is emitted, so we are doing The thing is to hang these onions tightly between me, because like I said, they don’t have any heaters, so they don’t have a burning feeling, but then you know that the places worth trying have exactly the same frequency spectrum, this is The 6500 K you are looking for, which is 6500 K Kelvin, I think I didn't mention it. Before that, it was actually the blue spectrum of the cool white spectrum. If you get another kind of light, the flower that people want to use is 2700K, then the spectrum is what you need to grow nutritionally, so you really don’t want it to start from fruit, and then you want vegetarians to use 6500K or cold White spectrum bulbs, which are all kinds of ever-changing types for me, and I use bulbs made by myself, as I said, if you like these bulbs, then these big T8 bulbs will let you Feeling satisfied, you can have a meal like this, you can grow rice and grow about 20 kinds of pepper plants, and happily grow 22 kinds of plants under this plant, they become very busy and prevent them from growing on the windowsill, or you You can choose one of them, or like I said you can go there for lighting, but in any case, you need more space, because there are only a few different ideas for indoor lighting, looking forward to your plants.

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  • Hi everyone, my name is Ken. This is our electronics expert this week. He has 300 closets, mainly because we have a bunch of leaves to peel off. As you can see, we have many families and they are becoming more and more important. They cover many high-quality coke plants. If I need more light intensity, these families can certainly bring us more benefits, so we will continue to delete those families that are useful in some ways.

    I will discuss in this article and start peeling or trimming the plant to ensure that the lower part of the plant gets enough light to stimulate blood formation. Usually the smaller buds are completely removed, so all the growth hormone of the plant is concentrated in the cola part at the top. Increase production. Falling leaves and popping lollipops allow more air to pass through the plan to reduce problems such as PM and pests. I like to remove everything by hand. When they bend to the roots, the leaves fall off easily, so I find it is better to use it than Fiskars. The best time for heavy peeling is faster. For example, in the first and fourth weeks of the initial flowering, since the plants have fallen leaves, I will provide them with some dechlorinated tap water to make their pH reach 6.8, let them recover for a few days, and then check the leaves. Seven days passed. These plants look great. Because the canopy plants under the lollipop are correct, the lower part of the cola has more light. Push all the energy to the top of Maine Coke, creating a big hole in these 8 or 2 closets. I planted eight plants in a half-gallon jar, and squeezed chocolate mint and black dog from an unremarkable seed. These tissues, as well as the severe Kush disease and LSD from Barney Farms, are new phenotypes that popped from the seeds.

    I also obtained a clone of a grandparent, which is also here, I also obtained three clones of Nocookie at my own price, so if you follow this article, you will know that we just harvested a 5x5 battery and it was closed due to the quantity The new electronic device VANQ GLMX720, so I closed it for a few weeks, so I should continue to delete the old Mars Hydro and the old ZLED, and let me use these brand new LED Grow Light (new dimmer). Now you are not familiar with these LEDs. They have a power of 720 watts and consume broadband spectrum LEDs. The other cool thing to bring is the ribbons, because they have linear lenses that direct the intensity towards the canopy, and the device is passively cooled, so they have no loud moving parts, and none of these things are damaged now. I have two such VANQ720W planting lights in the woods in the closet, so you really want to know more about its performance, please check his website: vanqled.com, but more importantly, buy these lights with free shipping Cost, but hang them up and see how they look. Open it, I just want to say thank you for reading this article, I hope it is longer, I hope you have a nice Sunday, and I wish you a happy work.

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  • 作為翻譯愛好者,如何翻譯訓練?

    在聽、說、讀、寫五種技能中,翻譯是最全面的。 翻譯能力的培養標准是“信、達、雅” ,翻譯能力的培養有三種方式,一種是從部分到整體,一種是從簡單到複雜,三種是從雜到專家。




    2,由短語詞組,在這個過程中的長句,需要有語法的堅實基礎,系統的語法規則和強大的能力來使用。 “英語語法的高級使用通行證”,譯者缺乏語法的系統知識的不成為高級翻譯只能徘徊在低端(更低端)。目前人工智能翻譯軟件,一直是中低端替代解釋,最大的好處就是詞彙的大量人工智能翻譯,但有兩個致命傷,因為語法混亂,“分裂錯誤”當一個人閱讀的原始發生,造成誤解;第二個是當組織要求,也不好靈活調整語序,低級別的語法錯誤。如果你能戰勝“語法關”,翻譯水平的人工智能將有顯著跳躍,可以代替低端的翻譯。





    譯者或解釋應該了解一下陽光下的一切。作為譯者,首先應該是一個“百科全書”雜家,擴大知識的廣度,通過讀各大新聞網站的英文,不同主題的知識,並要求多瀏覽器的信息技術,生活,財經,體育等類別主題。同時,一個人的精力是有限的,我們不可能做到樣樣精通。所有萬事通是萬金油。 “隔行如隔山”,在各種類別的基礎知識的掌握,你需要選擇自己擅長的領域,如電子,電信,石油,化工,冶金,建築,醫藥等,精度范圍內的一個或兩個區域養殖,培育專業性強的基礎上,向精細,在知識領域的資深翻譯不遜色於在該領域的專家。







    教材內容方面,如果你能找到自己翻譯進行專業的入門教材也行,但最容易可以獲得的應該是 CATTI 的教材和練習冊。CATTI 考試系統分為綜合管理能力和實務兩個不同科目,前者以選擇題、閱讀題和完形填空為主,考察外語的綜合發展能力;後者考察雙語互譯。教材的設置和考試制度基本情況相同。建議非外語教育專業的學習者認真努力學習教材,尤其是筆譯實務部分。教材會介紹我們很多翻譯方法技巧,有一些翻譯實踐經驗再來學習會更有收獲。

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