• Which are the best indoor plant lights for you?

    Thought people have been asking me that we can show us information about the lamp you are growing, what else is not the best, what is the best use and what, so I will try to do this now, I just To show you which one I use, and others, so I am using VANQ T8, which basically refers to those tubes that are only thin fluorescent tubes, and I have one. There is a remote control lamp on the 4-foot-long tube. You can make them in various sizes. You can use 8 test tubes to set their length to 4 feet, and mine is longer than 2 feet. There are also remote control tubes, as you can see, it heats me and the tube above, but they don’t burn anything. You can place the plug as close to the top as possible to really show that if there is no heat and all energy is ignited, then there is only a 524 watt light bulb, so only 96 watts. I think this is 448 hours. How efficient is it? Tile pipe, so it is 200 watts. Considering how much you can grow under them, I will say that this is T8, and I will give you an idea. I have a light meter, I take it outside to show you something.

    Try to do it. This is a place that let me put the luminometer 6 inches below the luminometer, you can put the top of the bulb in it, you are actually reading a book, or reading there 20,000 or 20,000, put 6 at the bottom The inch can read about 111,000 lenses, which may be better. Let CERN sit there 26,000 inches and then lower it a little bit, so I take it outside and I will show you the kind of light you want to take outside, so I am in the greenhouse. This is a gloomy winter, because there is not much sunlight there, so this time I just want to tell you, what is the intensity of the light? Here, you like me to point it to the sky. It is 35 times 100, so it has about three thousand five hundred lumens, so you can see that it is four times as large in the sun and hot, and it can reach 89,000 in the sun and in the summer sun. I can say that in winter, you will get three thousand at this time, so I want three thousand. Therefore, it is not very good compared to indoors, so you can see it from outside, there are only more than 3,000 outside. I have about 22,000 here, which is about 7 or 8 times the brightness, so if you see it at the bottom, they will only get 10,000 appearances-the lettuce there grows perfectly, like I said, They are indeed doing something. Because they don’t emit too much heat, they emit a lot of light, so you can place plants near the bulb. Now, another thing you need to consider is that you need to reflect as much light as possible to return To the work you have done If you really don’t want to waste anything on the plant, I put a white poster there to reflect a little, and then on the wall, I forgot this thing.

    Diamond embossed polyester film is a professional film, you can use other things, obviously not, it is recommended not to use tin foil, because tin foil may cause hot spots, because tin foil cannot reflect other things correctly, obviously, we can’t do it To this point. For polyester film, just use a flat latex white cushion. Like I said, the blunt pen is just a flat emulsion. If I draw a tent in white latex and tap the light on the wall, or if I can think of one of the barbecue temperatures, then these hydroponic fluffy tents are like not saying I don’t shine, but touching your wall . All weeders use their ideal material, because they are actually covered by polyester film, so you will also make the most of all the light, so just like the T8 I said, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are perfect for five feet each One foot in a small room, you will grow up in an area of about four feet to two feet, so you only need to buy shoes that fit your size, and now show you another shoe to get a replacement product once used One made by myself, one by someone looking at it, actually I just knocked it, so I used to put some chili, pepper and tomatoes on the windowsill. It's too small, you can watch it again, so you can grab all the unread bulbs, they are only 30 watts, while the compact fluorescent bulb is only 30 watts, it can emit about 150 watts of light. You can do it, we look like it is about 60,000 inches, so actually T8 lamps are not expensive, these bulbs are only about 4 pounds, you should put them in a small hangar, they are perfect for all peppers and tomatoes On the windowsill. Obviously, a cover is placed on the back cover to reflect the light back, but as I said, there is now a modern way to change the cat. This is what I used in the past. Probabilistic method You can’t say this before T8, just like giant compact fluorescent lamps, their power is about 150 watts, and the power will rise to 200 watts. The problem is that each of these bulbs is about 25 Ude, and they don't actually pop out.


    The test tube I used in T8 has only changed a little. They can be replaced as long as they enter the door. These tubes are expensive, and they are also very expensive. The weather is very hot, so you can't put plants next to them, because in your small area, you have a reflective protective cover that can reflect the plants. I found that they don’t provide enough area like T8tube, but I mean, if you can’t get any other benefits, then they are as good as anything else, and the other thing without a charging stick is LED, which actually It's just a fan that can be inserted into a single blind. You can't say that it is absolutely blinding. It is 18 watts. I tested this and it has appeared about 15,000 times. I turned it around because it made me invisible, only eight cents, we saw its size, it heats up any heat, because it is so effective, all the energy is emitted, so we are doing The thing is to hang these onions tightly between me, because like I said, they don’t have any heaters, so they don’t have a burning feeling, but then you know that the places worth trying have exactly the same frequency spectrum, this is The 6500 K you are looking for, which is 6500 K Kelvin, I think I didn't mention it. Before that, it was actually the blue spectrum of the cool white spectrum. If you get another kind of light, the flower that people want to use is 2700K, then the spectrum is what you need to grow nutritionally, so you really don’t want it to start from fruit, and then you want vegetarians to use 6500K or cold White spectrum bulbs, which are all kinds of ever-changing types for me, and I use bulbs made by myself, as I said, if you like these bulbs, then these big T8 bulbs will let you Feeling satisfied, you can have a meal like this, you can grow rice and grow about 20 kinds of pepper plants, and happily grow 22 kinds of plants under this plant, they become very busy and prevent them from growing on the windowsill, or you You can choose one of them, or like I said you can go there for lighting, but in any case, you need more space, because there are only a few different ideas for indoor lighting, looking forward to your plants.

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